We are a criminal defense law firm that has been helping clients with all kinds of criminal defense matters since 2000. Our team of dedicated defense attorneys have helped clients over the years in different counties of Texas including Dallas, Collin, Denton, Tarrant, Rockwall, and Johnson. We have represented clients for all kinds of criminal defense matters including, family violence, drunk driving, drug charges, possession charges, weapon charges, theft, burglary, robbery, and fraud charges.


The criminal defense team of the firm has attorneys that believe on providing energetic, aggressive, and knowledgeable legal service to our clients. We understand the mental and emotional stress that you experience when charged with a criminal offense, and we are here to make sure that you rights are protected and you have someone with the knowledge of justice system on your side. We make sure that our clients get the dedicated representation their criminal offense needs, and we are there for them to answer any questions and explain their options. We thrive on providing a legal service to our clients that helps them in these tough times, and our extensive experience and knowledge of justice system help us achieve that.



When representing clients for criminal defense matters, we work to provide dedicated and cost effective solutions to the legal needs of our clients. We are ready to work with your financial situation by offering convenient installment plans. We understand how hard it is for you to experience a criminal charge, and how it can turn around your life including your financial and personal life. We want you to know that, we are here for you, to defend your rights, and to protect your freedom. We believe on serving our clients with our 100% efforts to represent them in the criminal justice system.


If you or a loved one are facing family or domestic violence charges in Texas, you need the assistance of an experienced family violence attorney to represent you. The representation that you get from an experienced criminal defense lawyer, will help you learn about your rights, know about your best options according to the criminal justice system, and fight for your rights in the court. Our attorneys and their combined experience of more than 45 years, are here to protect your rights and make sure that you get a legal representation that is best suited for your situation.


Our attorneys are available to discuss your case with a FREE CONSULTATION for family violence or any criminal defense matter. You can schedule a FREE CONSULTATION by calling 972.789.1664, emailing contact@dallasarealaw.com, or filling out the form on top of this page. We are here to provide you a dedicated and aggressive legal service for your criminal defense matter.




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